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The aiFi app

The aiFi app is an optional extension to remotely control your aiFi® Ai-1 both in stand alone mode and when stacked, it also adds additional festures to your stack. All main features can be controlled from your Stackable, but functionality and features may be added and enhanced by the aiFi® app.

The App provides an overview for the Input selection, Volume control and Color settings. Additional features includes a Ai-Q function that makes it possible for multiple users to host the music party.

By using the update function in the aiFi app, you easily update the firmware in Stackables and make sure that you’ll enjoy all features available. When opening the app you’ll get a note if your Stackables need a firmware update. If you have more than one Stackable, just update one of them first – the others will then be updated just by stacking them together with the newly updated unit.

The aiFi® app for IOS is available in App Store and for Android on Google Play.

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